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The ins and outs of braces and wires

Braces Care Tips

Are you having trouble with your braces? Warren Orthodontics offers several easy solutions to common problems. We also invite you to call us at 801-210-8732 and make an appointment if you need additional help. Our friendly orthodontist and team are always happy to help you!

Broken and Poking Wires

You may have a wire that breaks or sticks out in the back of your mouth. This is a normal occurrence as teeth begin to shift. Depending on where the wire is loose, you can fix it in a couple different ways:

  • If the wire is sticking out from one rear bracket and has become unattached from the opposite rear bracket, you can use tweezers to move the wire back into place so that it no longer sticks out on either side.
  • If the wire sticks out on both sides, you can put braces wax on each end to keep them from irritating your gums and mouth. When you come in for your appointment, we will clip the wires to the correct length.
  • In very rare situations, the wire may dig into your cheek, causing pain. You can use a small wire cutter or nail clippers to snip it yourself if necessary. Please call us as soon as possible so that we can readjust your wire to fit properly and keep your treatment on track.

Loose Brackets and Bands

There are several options for dealing with loose brackets and bands. You can put wax on the loose brackets to prevent them from hurting the inside of your mouth, or you can remove the loose bracket and bring it to our orthodontist for reattachment.

Removing loose brackets is fairly simple - each bracket has a small “door” that holds it to the wire. Open this door and the bracket will come off without any problems.


For the first four or five days after getting your braces on you will likely feel soreness, tenderness, or discomfort in your mouth as it adjusts to your braces and/or appliance. Cold food or drink can help to relieve your discomfort. You can also use Tylenol or another mild over-the-counter pain relief medication. If the pain becomes severe or lasts longer than a few days, please contact our office.


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For more tips on caring for your braces or to make an appointment, please call (801) 489-7878.