After reviewing all the applications from local families in need of braces, the team at Warren Orthodontics selected Rowdey, a Mona, Utah resident, as our first Warren’s Got Smiles recipient. Rowdey was surprised with a giant check at his home announcing that he would receive free braces and will soon begin his journey to a straighter, brighter smile.

In his application, Rowdey said that he loves to smile often because he knows sharing a smile can make others happy. However, he feels discouraged because his peers have teased him for having crooked teeth. Rowdey would like to have straight teeth so he can confidently smile at others.

Dr. Casey Warren and his staff are thrilled to offer this smile makeover to Rowdey and help boost his confidence.

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Did you know that braces can...

  • Reduce the grinding and chipping of teeth?
  • Make it easier to brush, clean, and floss teeth?
  • Decrease the risk of cavities and periodontal disease?
  • Improve the ability to chew food?
  • Alleviate speech impediments?
  • Lessen the risk of injury from protruding teeth?

Thank you for your interest in our Warren's Got Smiles program. The application period is now closed. Stay tuned for updates!