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Dentofacial Orthodontics

One of the specialized treatments offered at Warren Orthodontics is dentofacial orthodontics. This specialization means that our orthodontist has received additional training and experience in managing tooth movement and guiding facial growth and development.As most of the growth and movement of the teeth and jaws occurs during childhood, dentofacial orthodontic treatment generally begins when the patient is about 7-8 years old, and occurs in two phases of treatment. While children are the best candidates for dentofacial orthodontics, these services are also available for adults when needed.

When your child visits our practice, our orthodontist will examine and monitor their growth and development to determine if early treatment will be necessary. Children who begin orthodontic treatment before all their permanent teeth have erupted will receive “Phase One” dentofacial treatments. In this stage, Dr. Casey Warren will use treatments intended to correct jaw growth and ensure jaw alignment, as well as ensure that the emerging teeth have enough space in the mouth. In the second phase of treatment, our orthodontist will provide braces or other treatments to straighten and correct the alignment of your child’s teeth.

If you are an adult seeking dentofacial orthodontic treatment, your treatment process may involve surgery. As an adult, your jawbones have stopped developing and have hardened, making it more difficult to adjust your bite and straighten your teeth. Depending on the extent of your treatment, our orthodontist may recommend that you undergo an oral surgery procedure to adjust the jawbone and establish the proper bite alignment prior to receiving braces or another straightening treatment.

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