Traditional Braces Can Help Address Misaligned Teeth

Adolescents with misaligned teeth often experience some degree of social awkwardness. Left uncorrected the deviation in their bite pattern can eventually leave them at increased risk of suffering chips and dental fractures on multiple teeth.   If you have noticed alignment issues with your child’s teeth, you should consider scheduling... Read more »

You Might Need to Use a Plastic Retainer After Invisalign®

Many people in the Springville, Utah, area with improperly aligned teeth will turn to the orthodontic services offered by Warren Orthodontics. After a comprehensive examination, our orthodontist can present you with an effective treatment plan. In some of these cases, Dr. Casey Warren can correct minor deviations in your dentition... Read more »

Good Oral Hygiene Habits Are Essential for Maintaining Braces

Here at Warren Orthodontics, our orthodontist can install traditional braces into your mouth to create a functional system capable of realigning your teeth. This process requires adjustment appointments where Dr. Casey Warren applies a modest amount of tension to the orthodontic components which will stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor... Read more »

Things Braces Can Do

Do you ever wonder what braces can do for you and your smile? If so, you have come to the right blog. Today, our orthodontist, Dr. Casey Warren, is happy to tell you all about the things braces can do to help you, your teeth, and your smile. But first,... Read more »

Invisalign®: A Revolutionary System

Often, we associate orthodontic care with pre-teen and teenage years. The reality is, however, that you can get a straighter, healthier, better-looking smile at any age! If you are worried about keeping up a professional appearance while straightening your smile, we have a solution for you: Invisalign®.   Invisalign® is... Read more »

Orthodontics & Malocclusion

Very few people are born with perfectly aligned teeth. Because of this, many people can benefit from orthodontic treatment. We recommend that patients come in for their initial exam as early as age seven, but people of any age can benefit from orthodontics. When a patient comes in for your... Read more »

Orthodontics: Helping People Align Their Bite

Have you been wanting a straighter smile for awhile now, but keep putting it off? Orthodontics have become more popular than ever, and it's not just for straighter teeth. In fact, if you have a misaligned bite that is affecting your speech or chewing habits, you may enjoy the benefits... Read more »

Tips on Caring for Your Braces This Holiday Season

You need to keep your braces in tip-top shape if you want the smile you desire. The winter holiday season is a busy times of year. This might make it easy to forget to properly care for your braces. It’s very important to avoid letting this happen. If necessary, set... Read more »

Orthodontic Braces Come in Many Forms

As you age the natural structure of your mouth can gradually start to change. This is even more likely to occur if you lost a tooth, or had one extracted, and you opted not to have it restored by a dental implant or dental bridge. As the deviation in your... Read more »

Orthodontic FAQ

Our orthodontist and team are so happy that you have chosen Warren Orthodontics for your family’s orthodontic needs. You likely have some questions going into treatment, or preparing your child for treatment, and we are more than happy to help! How Should I Brush My Teeth With Braces? Most people... Read more »