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A child needing orthodontic treatment

Give Your Child an Orthodontic Head Start!

Have you ever browsed a 1960s high school yearbook and spotted seniors with brackets and braces still on their teeth? If you take a look in one, it is almost certain that you will see some partly metal smiles. Things have changed, however, and you would definitely find fewer teenagers with braces if you walked into a 2017 high school because of some major changes in the science of orthodontics. Researchers have found that receiving orthodontic treatment at a premature age can help keep teeth permanently straight more efficiently than obtaining braces later.

What Age Should Your Child Get Braces?

Using interceptive orthodontics, children can receive orthodontic treatment as young as age 6 or 7. It can be advantageous to acquire braces at this age because the teeth are still growing, and the jaw is still developing. Their whole mouth is malleable.

Orthodontists can find places for teeth as they erupt from the gums. This will give the teeth a more natural place in the mouth, making them less likely to shift later. You may need to take steps now to ensure your child’s orthodontic health. The American Association of Orthodontics “recommends a check-up with an orthodontic specialist no later than age 7.”

Ask your orthodontist, Dr. Casey Warren, if your child is ready and we may be able to provide treatment very promptly. While orthodontists used to remove teeth to make room in the mouth, Dr. Casey Warren may expand your child’s jaw to make room for extra teeth. As a bonus, your child will probably get some crazy color options to make their braces fun and hip. Your child will be excited to get braces, and when high school hits, they’ll already have a pearly white and totally straight smile for picture day! Call 801-489-7878 to ask our Springville, Utah, office about getting braces for your child today.