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Often, we associate orthodontic care with pre-teen and teenage years. The reality is, however, that you can get a straighter, healthier, better-looking smile at any age! If you are worried about keeping up a professional appearance while straightening your smile, we have a solution for you: Invisalign®.


Invisalign® is a revolutionary system which allows for teeth to be straightened without the use of traditional brackets, bands, and wires. Instead, the Invisalign® system uses plastic aligners that shift the teeth into place. Invisalign® aligners, as the name suggests, are so clear as to be practically invisible, giving you a professional appearance even while straightening teeth. Additionally, the aligners are removable, allowing you to move your life forward, uninterrupted. Together, these traits make Invisalign® an excellent option for discreet and effective orthodontic care.


The big question is, of course: are they effective? The answer is: yes! They are just as effective as braces but without all the hassle. They can shift teeth horizontally, vertically, and even rotate them when necessary. Invisalign® can even be used to correct malocclusion!


Aligners are completely custom, made specifically for you based on a care plan provided by your orthodontist. Aligners will be rotated every 1-2 weeks; you will see your orthodontist regularly during treatment.


For more information, call Warren Orthodontics in Springville, Utah, at 801-489-7878.  Dr. Casey Warren and our team are happy to help you toward a straighter smile!