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Internet braces

Invisalign vs Internet Braces

With new technological advancements comes more convenient ways for everyone to get things done. This added convenience is great for the most part, but there are some situations where one should be exercise more caution.

Even those who want to have straighter teeth and a perfect smile have convenient ways to do so through internet braces. These internet braces have become widely available, but are they really a good idea? Should internet braces be trusted and chosen over the tried and true way of actually going and seeing a professional for Invisalign treatment?

Internet braces offer patients the option to get a straighter smile without ever having to go to an orthodontist’s office. It sounds great, but there are some reasons why going to an actual orthodontist’s office should be your method of choice for achieving that perfect smile.

How Do Internet Braces Work?

It’s fairly simple and completely eliminates the need to go to orthodontic offices for scheduled visits. Once you contact a company to do internet braces through, they’ll send you an impression kit for your teeth. You then mix the putty and take impressions of your teeth on your own. After taking your impressions, you send your molds to the company and they will have your clear retainers made and shipped back to you. You send pictures and check in periodically, and treatment is usually done in 6-12 months.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is done through orthodontic offices, so office visits are required. More accurate than molds, 3-D images of your teeth are taken, along with photos and x-rays of your face and jaw. This information is then analyzed by the orthodontist. He or she will decide if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign treatment. If you are, they will ship your information to Invisalign to have retainers made. Depending on what kind of adjustments your teeth require, tooth-colored “buttons” might be attached to your teeth to give the aligners additional grip on your teeth. This allows for more refined and precise movement of that particular tooth. Also, hooks can be molded into the retainers so rubber bands can be attached to deal with issues in jaw alignment (much in the same way they are used with braces). Treatment is done under the supervision of a certified orthodontist, so everything being done to your teeth is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Why You Should Use Invisalign over Internet Braces:

Internet braces might be convenient, but that’s where their benefits end. A misalignment in bite is not able to be diagnosed and corrected via internet braces, nor is the option for button attachment available. Having to take impressions of your own teeth can also prove to be inaccurate if done incorrectly and should be entrusted to a professional. Without actual doctor visits, your progress isn’t able to be checked, so what if something goes wrong? Having an actual office to visit regularly and receive updates from is going to ensure you achieve maximum oral health. Incorrect alignment in your teeth and bite can lead to serious medical issues that can be avoided by seeing a medical professional during your treatment. Clear retainers might not even be the best treatment option for you, but you won’t learn that without going to see an orthodontist. Your bright, beautiful smile is worth the extra effort!