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Our orthodontist offers the Invisalign® clear aligner system as a comfortable alternative to traditional braces for teenagers and adults who prefer a nearly invisible approach to straightening their teeth!

The cost of Invisalign depends on what types of orthodontic issues need to be corrected and how long you will be in treatment.

How Does Invsalign Work?

During your initial visit, we will determine whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign. Rather than using metal brackets and wires like traditional braces, the Invisalign system uses a series of custom-made, computer-generated plastic aligners to straighten your smile. Each set of aligners is designed to make small changes to the alignment of the teeth.

As you switch sets of aligners about every two weeks, your teeth will be gently guided to their proper positions. You will visit our office on a regular basis during treatment, just like you would with braces, to make certain that your smile is progressing as planned.

In addition to being discreet and comfortable, Invisalign aligners are removable as well, which allows you to take them out to eat, brush, and floss.

Types of Invisalign

Four different types of Invisalign offer various levels of treatment:

  • Invisalign Full: Can be used to treat most of the same orthodontic issues treated with braces
  • Invisalign Lite: Treats mild to moderate orthodontic issues; treatment time 7-9 months
  • Invisalign Express: For minor orthodontic issues, such as a few crooked teeth; treatment time 3-6 months
  • Invisalign Teen: Treatment designed specifically for teens; fixes the same issues as Invisalign Full for adults

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