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Is Your Smile Ready for the Invisalign® System?

At the orthodontic practice of Warren Orthodontics, we are happy to offer the Invisalign® alignment system for teens and adults in Springville, Utah and the surrounding communities who would love to straighten their smiles with an orthodontic alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign is perfect for helping you overcome crooked or crowded teeth, or tooth gaps and a bite which is “off”.

Invisalign accomplishes this with a series of clear (and hence, discreet) plastic aligners which are customized to your smile. These aligners will incrementally shift your teeth into the desired space without the need for visible metal wires and brackets. You just change to the next aligners every two weeks or so that moves you into the next stage of your alignment process.

Invisalign also has two benefits not offered with traditional braces First, you can remove your aligners to clean your teeth as usual. You can maintain your normal brushing and flossing habits to remove bacterial biofilm–plaque–that will bring you cavities and gum disease if not done every day. This means you can clean between your teeth and around the gumline without trying to maneuver around brackets and wires.

The second benefit Invisalign offers is related to the first one. Because they are removable, you can take them out to eat all the healthy foods you enjoy, like raw carrots, apples, and steak without worrying about harming wires and brackets. Still, because the aligners are taken out when you eat, you want to make sure you don’t leave them behind if you are eating out. You don’t want to have to replace the aligner because you forgot to put them back in.

Would you like to know more about Invisalign to see if it is a good option for your needs? We invite you to give us a call at 801-489-7878 to schedule your consultation with our Certified Orthodontic Specialist, Dr. Casey Warren. We are excited to help you create the confident smile you deserve in Springville, Utah.

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