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Orthodontic Braces Come in Many Forms

As you age the natural structure of your mouth can gradually start to change. This is even more likely to occur if you lost a tooth, or had one extracted, and you opted not to have it restored by a dental implant or dental bridge.

As the deviation in your dentition progresses it can leave you with an increasingly unattractive smile. At the same time, the relationship between multiple teeth can cause the excess wear and tear of tooth enamel attrition, and potentially lead to a significant dental fracture.

In many cases like this Dr. Casey Warren and the staff specialists at his orthodontic clinic might recommend installing braces in your mouth. There are several different forms that he might recommend based on your personal preference as well as the severity of misalignment.

Traditional Braces

Traditional orthodontic braces incorporate small metal brackets, wires, and other orthodontic hardware components. The brackets are cemented to the faces of your teeth and integrated together with the other components. This creates a system capable to stretching the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in place.

You will need to periodically return to Dr. Casey Warren’s orthodontic for routine adjustments. This will tighten your braces to gradually bring your teeth closer to their ideal alignment and position.

If you are uncomfortable with the noticeable appearance of orthodontic hardware on your smile, Dr. Casey Warren can apply a porcelain-ceramic glaze to your braces at the time of installation. This special material can be shaded to match your natural tooth enamel to lessen the visual impact of your braces.


It might be possible for Dr. Casey Warren to correct the alignment of your teeth with Invisalign® if you only have minor deviations in the alignment of your teeth. Each set of clear plastic aligners is tuned one step closer to the ideal alignment of your teeth. Swapping out to a new set every two weeks can gradually reposition your teeth.

If you live in the Springville, Utah, area and you have alignment issues with your teeth you should call 801-489-7878 to set up a braces consultation at Warren Orthodontics.

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