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Orthodontic FAQ

Our orthodontist and team are so happy that you have chosen Warren Orthodontics for your family’s orthodontic needs. You likely have some questions going into treatment, or preparing your child for treatment, and we are more than happy to help!

How Should I Brush My Teeth With Braces?
Most people are good at brushing the chewing surfaces of their teeth. However, it is important that you also “brush your braces.” Bite down and scrub all the braces back-and-forth, up-and-down, and in little circles, working from the back teeth to the front teeth. Then stop and repeat on the other side of your mouth. In addition, make sure that you brush the backs of your teeth.

When Am I Getting My Braces Off?
At the beginning of orthodontic treatment, a time estimate of treatment is usually established to provide a reference. It is truly only an estimate, assuming that all goes well with the treatment plan, the patient’s biological response, and the patient’s full participation and cooperation in their treatment. Dr. Casey Warren will recognize when orthodontic treatment is complete. In other words, it’s a clinical decision.

What Happens After My Braces Are Removed?
Once your teeth have reached their optimal positions, Dr. Casey Warren can remove the braces so you can enjoy your new smile. However, the last year or two has been spent gently moving your teeth to their ideal positions and now it is imperative for you to hold them in the new position for a year or more to allow all the tissue and ligaments to rebuild in the new arrangement. This is done with a retainer, which will be custom made for you.

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