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Very few people are born with perfectly aligned teeth. Because of this, many people can benefit from orthodontic treatment. We recommend that patients come in for their initial exam as early as age seven, but people of any age can benefit from orthodontics.

When a patient comes in for your orthodontic exam in Springville, Utah, Dr. Casey Warren will determine whether or not you can benefit from braces or another form of orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontist may use diagnostic tools including a review of your medical and dental health history, a visual exam, models of your teeth and bite, and X-rays and photographs. From this examination, our orthodontist will determine if you can benefit from orthodontic treatment and a treatment plan may be formed.

Some common bite and alignments issues that orthodontic treatment can correct include:

– When the front upper teeth sit too far in front of the lower teeth in an overbite, which is sometimes referred to as buck teeth.
– When the lower teeth sit too far in front or the upper teeth are too far back in an underbite.
– When there is space between the biting surfaces of the side or front teeth when the back teeth are together, which is called an open bite.
– When there are gaps or spaces between the teeth because of missing teeth or another issue.
– When the dental ridge is not large enough to accommodate all of the teeth.

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