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Red and Green Holiday braces

Tips on Caring for Your Braces This Holiday Season

You need to keep your braces in tip-top shape if you want the smile you desire. The winter holiday season is a busy times of year. This might make it easy to forget to properly care for your braces. It’s very important to avoid letting this happen. If necessary, set a reminder for yourself each day. To help you care for your braces, our orthodontist, Dr. Casey Warren, is happy to give you some tips, which are:

Keep up on oral hygiene: With braces, you need to brush after every time you eat, which means after every meal and snack. You also need to floss regularly. If this isn’t possible, you need to floss at least once a day. You should attend your dental cleaning appointments with your dentist every six months. And you should attend your regular adjustment appointments at our office.

Think of your braces during holiday parties: Unfortunately, there are many foods and drinks that can harm your teeth and braces. It’s best to avoid those altogether so you don’t experience braces damage or dental problems.

Wear a mouth guard: When you play high-contact sports and activities, wear a mouth guard. This is important because if you wear a mouth guard when you get hit in the mouth, your smile and appliance can be protected, and you can reduce your chances of suffering an oral injury.