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Traditional & Colorful Braces

Traditional Braces Can Help Address Misaligned Teeth

Adolescents with misaligned teeth often experience some degree of social awkwardness. Left uncorrected the deviation in their bite pattern can eventually leave them at increased risk of suffering chips and dental fractures on multiple teeth.

If you have noticed alignment issues with your child’s teeth, you should consider scheduling a braces consultation with an orthodontist like Dr. Casey Warren. In many of these cases he can install traditional orthodontic brace in their mouth to create a functional system capable of gradually correcting the alignment issue.

If your son or daughter isn’t comfortable with the noticeable appearance of orthodontic hardware in on their teeth, a special porcelain glaze can be applied to many of the components. The material can be shaded to mimic the appearance of their natural tooth enamel.

Once the traditional braces have been installed you will need to bring your son or daughter back in to Warren Orthodontics for routine adjustment sessions. Each of these important appointments will tension the components to affect the periodontal connective tissues that secure their teeth in their gums.

After their teeth have achieved their ideal alignment the braces hardware can be removed. At this point, your child will need to use a retainer to help preserve the new position of their teeth until any lingering tension in their gums dissipates.