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Types of Treatment: Mascot Braces

Continuing in our series on the different types of braces, we’re covering the fun and unique Mascot Braces.

These are made with the same orthodontic technology as traditional silver braces and including the same high-grade stainless steel. Mascot Braces combine the durability of traditional braces with personalization and the opportunity to show off your team spirit.

What Are Mascot Braces?

Mascot Braces were invented by WildSmiles, a company that develops different shaped brackets. Created over 10 years ago by Dr. Clarke Stevens, WildSmiles personalizes patients’ braces based on their interests. WildSmiles is the only provider of designer brackets and offers a unique orthodontic treatment opportunity for their patients.

WildSmiles usually has different bracket shapes like flowers, hearts, footballs, or stars, but with their Mascot Braces product, they are offering even more unique shapes. Like the name says, you can get braces in the shape of your favorite local college sports team mascot.  

Don’t worry though, these special brackets do not have any impact on your treatment time. WildSmiles, Mascot Braces, and traditional silver braces treatment can all take anywhere from 18 to 30 months.

BYU and Utah Braces

Warren Orthodontics offers specially designed brackets for fans of local Utah teams so you can show off your BYU Cougar or Utah Ute pride. These are great for teens or students who love to support their favorite teams all year.  

Licensed Y-shaped brackets are custom-made for BYU fans to show their support for the Cougars while the U-shaped brackets are made specifically for our Ute fans.

These exclusive products allow you to choose your side in this rivalry and sport (pun intended) your team’s symbols on your teeth. Dr. Warren is even giving away a limited-time offer for those who want to change their traditional braces to Mascot Braces. You can receive a free upgrade from regular braces to Mascot Braces if you call and schedule a consultation.

How Do Mascot Braces Work?

WildSmiles and Mascot Braces both work the same as traditional metal braces. Each bracket is glued onto your teeth with a special adhesive and a strong archwire is attached to every bracket to gently pull your teeth in line over time.

The WildSmiles technology used to create Mascot Braces makes designs that are larger than traditional silver brackets. This means there is less room for plaque to accumulate directly on your teeth around each bracket. Although this is a great feature, you should still brush your teeth at least twice a day and after every meal. Taking extra-special care of your teeth is essential to the success of your orthodontic treatment and will ensure you’re on your way to straight teeth in no time.

Don’t miss this chance to show your team spirit! If you are interested in our BYU Cougar or Utah Ute braces or call our offices today at (801) 489-7878.