WildSmiles® Braces in Springville, UT

WildSmiles allow you to customize the color and shape of your brackets because wearing braces can be fun!


Personalize Your Braces With WildSmiles®

Traditional braces are great for your smile, bite, and much more. However, they can lack personality. At Warren Orthodontics, we offer WildSmiles so that you can personalize your braces journey and have fun doing it!

With WildSmiles, you can choose the shape of your bracket from a variety of themes and mix the brackets with colored elastics. These patented designs are made with surgical quality stainless steel, making them durable, safe, and most of all—fun!

You can choose from stars, hearts, footballs, sports balls, flowers, and diamonds for the shape of your brackets. You can even mix and match all you want—go wild! Patients have been rocking out with WildSmiles for over 10 years, and we love seeing the personalities of our patients show with their amazing smiles.

The Facts About WildSmiles®

Not only are WildSmiles fun to wear, they also offer other great benefits:

Support Your Team With Mascot Braces®

Show some team spirit by choosing from a variety of sports teams designs. With Mascot Braces, you can sport your smile in style! Visit the Mascot Braces site to view a full list of the teams that we offer. Team logos are officially licensed and allow you to turn correction into expression.

Braces are cool because they align your teeth, help your smile, and improve overall oral health. With WildSmiles, they can look cool too! To learn more about WildSmiles, check out the official WildSmiles website. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with us to discuss your braces options and to learn more about customizable braces at our practice, please contact us at your earliest convenience.