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Girl with Wildsmiles braces

WildSmiles Braces

Getting braces to achieve that perfect, healthy smile? Take a walk on the wild side with WildSmiles!

WildSmiles Do the Same Thing Regular Braces Do

About 10 years ago, Dr. Clarke Stevens, a licensed orthodontist, decided he wanted to offer his patients a way to have some fun with their braces, so he created WildSmiles. Since then, thousands of these sets of braces have been worn by kids across the U.S.

But don't let their fun fool you. WildSmiles braces can tackle the same tough orthodontic issues as their traditional counterparts because they use the same process. Brackets are attached to the teeth, and a wire connected to each bracket slowly moves the teeth into their correct positions.

While the fun factor may be the most important part for kids, parents can rest assured that WildSmiles meet the highest quality standards required by the International Standards Organization and the FDA, and WildSmiles cost about the same as rectangular brackets.

WildSmiles Shapes

Dr. Clarke started WildSmiles with just one shape - the star. Today, several cool shapes are available, including hearts, footballs, stars, flowers, circles or diamonds.

WildSmiles shapes
Let your kids express themselves by mixing and matching their favorite shapes while you rest easy knowing they're getting the orthodontic treatment they need!


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